When planetary yogas do not bring expected results

Date 12 Dec 2023

Yoga (Sanskrit for "union") is a combination of planets that allows them to work together and achieve better results... Astrological yogas are specific planetary configurations that produce specific results. Yogas are usually formed by the placement of planets in a specific order.

The strength or weakness of a yoga depends on the condition of its participants. Strong planets form powerful yogas, while damaged ones (located in an enemy sign, in a bad house, or in Papakartari) can only produce weak yogas. Malefic aspects spoil the yoga. The nature of the participating planets and their placement in signs and houses do not have much influence on the results of the yoga. All good yogas usually bring a peaceful life, material comfort, and well-being.

Shri Govind Swarup Agarwal - "Vedic Astrology"

Graha-yogas are planetary combinations that involve a series of events in a native's life. There are hundreds and thousands of yogas, one of the books by the famous astrologer Bangalore Venkata Raman is called "300 Most Important Yogas".

How to see planetary yogas in the "Jagannatha Hora" program:

  1. Click on the 3rd tab on the left, "Strengths"
  2. Click on the central tab at the bottom, "Other Strengths"
  3. A list of various yogas will appear, which needs to be carefully studied

However, not all of the mentioned yogas will manifest in our lives, as there are certain factors that prevent the yogas from manifesting. In order for a yoga to "activate" and work, certain conditions must be met:

1. First, the yoga must not be spoiled by malefic influences: if their influence is present, it means that some hostile forces or invisible obstacles prevent the yoga from manifesting.

2. Second, the Sun and the Moon must be sufficiently strong. A strong Sun helps the yoga to activate (the Sun is the father), and a strong Moon (the mother) supports the yoga. With a weak Sun and/or Moon, the yoga lacks the power to fully manifest and remains only as ambition without realization or provides only temporary or weak manifestation of the yoga.

Yogada is the planet that forms the yoga. If it is strong in all indicators, the yoga will manifest. If this planet is afflicted or weak, the yoga lacks the power to manifest or manifests to a minimum extent.


Five yogas of great personalities are formed when five planets (excluding luminaries) are in their own signs, mulatrikona, or signs of exaltation, and at the same time are in any of the kendras (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses). They occur quite often, but not all of their possessors literally become "great personalities". Why? In addition to the formal position of the planet in the sign with strength in a kendra, the aforementioned conditions must be met for the yoga to "activate" and work.

Jupiter gives Hamsa-yoga (swan). It makes a person scholarly, inclined towards spirituality, famous, and virtuous.

Venus gives Malavya-yoga. Malavya is a special type of expensive wood used to make luxury items. It provides comfort and conditions for enjoyment.

Mercury gives Bhadra-yoga. Bhadra means all that is auspicious. It gives intelligence, alertness, optimism, and a desire to help family and people in general.

Mars gives Ruchaka-yoga. Ruchaka (radiant, shining) is a commander, a leader. It gives courage, strength, determination, and leadership qualities.

Saturn gives Shasha-yoga. It makes a person strong and independent, a leader, a social leader, giving them many servants and subordinates, but their character and reputation are not always impeccable.

Source: Basic course of Vedic astrology at Vasily Tushkin's "Surya-Siddhanta" school