Hamsa Yoga

Date 12 Dec 2023

Hamsa Yoga is formed by Jupiter in Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces in an angular house [i.e., the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th houses of the horoscope]. A person with this yoga is attractive, pure of heart, and righteous; they are wealthy, live in luxury, and are respected by others.

Shri Govind Swarup Agarwal - "Vedic Astrology"

Jupiter gives one of the Pancha-MahaPurusha Yogas - Hamsa Yoga (swan). It makes a person scholarly, inclined towards spirituality, famous, and virtuous.

Basic course of Vedic astrology at Vasily Tushkin's "Surya-Siddhanta" school

A person with Hamsa Yoga has a fair complexion, prominent cheeks, a beautiful face, and a golden glow on the skin. Their nails and palms are reddish, with beautiful feet, and their eyes are the color of honey. Their voice is sweet, like that of a swan. They have a phlegmatic temperament and enjoy water sports. They are insatiable in sex.

A person with this yoga has a thirst for knowledge and the study of sacred scriptures. They are virtuous, helpful to others, blessed with a beautiful spouse, and in excellent physical shape. They will live comfortably up to a hundred years and may leave this world in the forest.

Note: Jupiter gives a person virtue, education, eloquence, grace, and dignity.

Sometimes it can be observed that a horoscope may have one or even several Pancha-MahaPurusha Yogas, but they may go unnoticed. Therefore, in order to properly analyze these yogas, it is necessary to note some points.

  1. The planet forming the yoga must be strong both in the birth chart (according to Shad-bala) and in the vargas. This planet will fully manifest its qualities only if it is strong. Mars represents strength and aggression, Mercury represents intellect and virtue, Jupiter represents wisdom and eloquence, Venus represents beauty and pleasure, and Saturn represents influence on the masses and misfortunes.

2. The Pancha-MahaPurusha Yoga will not give results if the Sun or Moon are in conjunction with the planet forming the yoga. In this case, the planet will give favorable results only in its own dasha. This is equivalent to canceling the MahaPurusha Yoga.

3. Similarly, if the Sun and Moon are not in conjunction with the planet forming the yoga, then this MahaPurusha Yoga will manifest fully and bear fruit not only in its own dasha. In other words, this "flawless" MahaPurusha Yoga will manifest itself not only in the dasha of the planet forming it. This yoga will therefore have an influence throughout life. It is similar to the Nabhasa Yoga. The presence of several such favorable yogas in the horoscope raises a person's material and professional status, regardless of the dasha.

K.S. Charak - "Yogas in Astrology"

Hamsa MahaPurusha Yoga


Parashara Muni - "Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra"

Physical Characteristics

A person with Hamsa Yoga has a deep resonant voice (similar to a swan). They are beautiful and have a well-developed nose. They have honey-colored or yellowish-brown eyes, reddish nails (and lips), sharp intellect, strong cheeks, a large forehead, and beautiful legs. They have fish, ankusha (an iron hook used to control elephants), bow, trident, conch, and lotus signs on their hands and feet. They are 96 angulas (approximately 5' 9" if one angula is 17") tall.

Character and Nature

They behave like a king and have a phlegmatic temperament. They are passionate, and their passion remains unfulfilled. They enjoy swimming and water sports. They enjoy the fullness of life and live happily for 100 years. They are the rulers of the areas near the Ganges and Yamuna rivers.


Unfulfilled passion can manifest in different ways, and the planets influencing Jupiter will modify its nature of influence. If there is a Guru-Mangala Yoga, the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in Hamsa Yoga can manifest as voluntarily parting with a spouse, as Mars indicates celibacy. We find this yoga in the chart of Bhagavan Shri Rama [Chart 1], where the Lord refused His wife to fulfill the desire of a resident of His kingdom. We also find this yoga in the chart of Sri Aurobindo, where after his release from prison, he refused his wife and continued to establish an ashram in Pondicherry (Auroville) [Chart 2]. In both cases, the lord of the 7th house, Saturn, is not aspected by Jupiter. Sharp intellect is one of the qualities manifested by Shri Rama in the interpretation of Dharma Shastras and Aurobindo's monumental work "Savitri". Although a lifespan of 100 years is usually not given, as the MahaPurusha Yoga is not without flaws, a long life and protection usually occur when Jupiter is in the Ascendant. Such a Jupiter must protect them from all calamities, including premature death, as Jupiter (jiva) has the ability to drive away Yama, the god of death.

Examples for study:

Sanjay Rath has Hamsa MahaPurusha Yoga and at the age of 32, he started teaching and writing books on Jyotish.

Compiled by Pandit Sanjay Rath
Translation by Chandramukha Das
Parashara Muni (BPHS)

from the book by Oleg Tolmachev "Rectification of Birth Time. Determining the Ascendant"