Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies to improve the functionality of the website, enhance user experience, and provide more features.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of data sent by a web server and stored on a user's computer. Whenever a web client (usually a web browser) attempts to open a page from the corresponding website, this data fragment is sent back to the web server.

Cookies help us store user preferences, track overall interaction trends with the website, and improve user experience in the future.

What types of cookies are used on the website?
The website uses session and persistent cookies. In the first case, cookies are stored temporarily until the user closes the browser. Persistent cookies are stored even after the browser is closed, unless the user disables their storage through browser settings.

The following types of cookies are used on the website:

Functional cookies
This type of cookies enhances user interaction with the website. They help preserve user settings (selected preferences) during their visit.

Performance cookies
These cookies collect information about how users interact with the website and help us understand their areas of interest. They also provide statistical measurement of the effectiveness of information presented on the website.

Such data may be used by Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica analytical systems to provide the website with anonymous information about statistics, collect aggregated statistics on user interaction with the corporate website to improve its functionality, enhance provided products and services, provide more relevant information, analyze user preferences for developing more beneficial and interesting offers in the future, and track the number of website visitors.

Strictly Necessary cookies
This type of cookies is required for the website to function properly and cannot be disabled. User data from these cookies is not transmitted to third-party analytical systems.

Targeting cookies
These cookies are collected by advertising partners to create user interest profiles and display relevant advertisements on third-party websites. These cookies identify only the used browser and device type.

Social media cookies
These cookies are set by social media services that allow users to share content with friends. They help track the user's browser interaction with other websites to create a user interest profile.

Social media cookies are set by social media services that allow users to share content with friends. Please note that the anonymous user data collected through the above-mentioned cookies is used solely for the purpose of improving user interaction with the website and does not involve identifying individuals. Users have control over this data and can manage it according to their personal preferences. In any browser and/or device used for Internet browsing, there is the option to block, delete, or otherwise restrict the use of cookies.

Users can manage cookies on their own. The user's browser and/or device may allow blocking, deleting, or otherwise restricting the use of cookies. For detailed information on managing cookies, we recommend consulting the instructions provided by the developers of the browser or device being used.

The processed cookies are destroyed or anonymized upon achieving the stated purposes of their use.