Bhadra Yoga

Date 12 Dec 2023

Bhadra Yoga is formed by Mercury in the sign of Virgo or Gemini in the Kendra houses [i.e. 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses of the horoscope]. It bestows strength, a broad chest, an expressive face, a calm and helpful nature, and a long life.

Sri Govind Swarup Agarwal - "Vedic Astrology"

Mercury gives Bhadra Yoga. Bhadra represents all that is auspicious. It gives intelligence, alertness, optimism, and a desire to help family and people in general.

Basic course of Vedic astrology at Vasily Tushkin's "Surya-Siddhanta" school

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A person with Bhadra Yoga is physically strong and healthy, with long arms and a thin beard. He is as tall as his arms can reach. He has a lion-like face and walks like an elephant. He is well-built with a broad chest and shoulders and proportionate limbs. He has a beautiful forehead and dark, curly hair. His body smells like saffron, and his voice is sweet and sensual.

Bhadra Yoga gives education and virtue to a person. He is a yoga specialist, with his own specific opinions and a broad education. He is a sensual person with a sattvic, virtuous nature, and a connoisseur of sacred scriptures. Despite everything, he is always rational and cares for his loved ones. A person with this yoga is very wealthy, blessed with all comforts, a wife, and children. He is satisfied with his status, lives up to eighty years, and leaves this world in a holy place during a pilgrimage.

Note: Since Mercury plays a dominant role in Bhadra Yoga, the emphasis is on education, intelligence, and virtue. A person earns status and wealth through their own efforts and is content with their comfort.

Sometimes it can be observed that a horoscope may have one or even several Pancha-Mahapurusha yogas but go unnoticed. Therefore, in order to properly analyze these yogas, it is necessary to note some points.

1. The planet forming the yoga must be strong both in the birth chart (according to Shad-bala) and in the vargas. This planet will fully manifest its qualities only if it is strong. Mars represents strength and aggression, Mercury represents intelligence and virtue, Jupiter represents wisdom and eloquence, Venus represents beauty and pleasure, and Saturn represents influence on the masses and misfortunes.

2. The Pancha-Mahapurusha yoga will not yield results if the Sun or Moon are in conjunction with the planet forming the yoga. In this case, the planet will only give favorable results during its dasha. This is equivalent to canceling the Mahapurusha yoga.

  1. Accordingly, if the Sun and Moon are not in conjunction with the planet forming the yoga, then this Mahapurusha yoga will manifest fully and bear fruit not only during its dasha. In other words, this "flawless" Mahapurusha yoga will manifest itself not only during the dasha of the planet forming it. This yoga will have an influence throughout life. It is similar to Nabhasa yoga. The presence of several such favorable yogas in the horoscope elevates a person's material and professional status, regardless of the dasha.

K.S. Charak - "Yogas in Astrology"

from the book by Oleg Tolmachev "Rectification of Birth Time. Determination of Lagna"