Viparita Raja Yoga

Date 12 Dec 2023

Viparita Raja Yoga is formed by the lords of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses when they are placed in dusthanas, change signs, or are conjoined with each other. A person with this yoga will be endowed with wealth, health, long life; they will progress successfully in their career; they are skilled, earn well, make a good impression, and enjoy fame. When the rulers of these malefic houses are in the same sign, aspect each other, or are placed in each other's houses, and are devoid of any other conjunctions and aspects, the person experiences steady growth in life, possesses immense wealth, and has a solid social status. The motto of this yoga is "To rise, one must first fall."

Shri Govind Swarup Agarwal - "Vedic Astrology"