Musala Yoga

Date 12 Dec 2023

Musala (pestle): All planets are in Sthira rashi, fixed signs. A person with this yoga will be proud, educated, wealthy, respected by leadership, and famous. They will have a determined character and will be blessed with the birth of sons.

The placement of planets in Sthira rashi brings stability, longevity, certainty, and reliability. It is not necessary for all planets to be placed in these signs, it is enough for the majority of them.

The shadow side of this yoga is stubbornness, the inability to make quick decisions and change anything. The best example of the dominance of Sthira rashi is Dr. Raman's horoscope. All planets, except the Sun, occupy kendra in Sthira rashi. Lagna is also in Sthira rashi. This gives the horoscope clear stability. Dr. Raman lived in the same place from early childhood.

Dr. K.S. Charak - Yogas in Astrology

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One born in Musala will be endowed with self-respect, wealth, learning a steady mind, engaged in many works, famous and proud.

B.V. Raman - "Three Hundred Important Combinations"

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Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. They are associated with the mode of ignorance - in the sense that the mode of ignorance is static and immovable. If all or most of the planets in the natal chart are distributed in these signs, this combination is called Musala Yoga.

Natives with Musala Yoga love to learn and acquire knowledge. They enjoy well-deserved respect in society and often earn through established social connections. They can hold high positions in society or move in powerful spheres, extracting maximum benefit from relationships and their social status, and enjoy establishing connections with important people to stabilize their lives.

Natives tend to choose activities where constancy, staticness, and stability dominate. These signs give patience and the ability to engage in routine activities in traditional and conservative fields.

Musala Yoga is formed when Rahu is in the 10th house, provided that the ruler of the 10th is in exaltation and under the aspect of Saturn. The person will be healthy, cheerful, successful businessman, minister, or simply an influential person.

Shri Govind Swarup Agarwal - "Vedic Astrology"