Raja Yoga Karaka

If a planet simultaneously rules both the triangular and angular houses (except the first), it gains special power. Such a planet is called Raja Yoga Karaka, meaning "significator of great power". It can bestow high social status, power, and prestige. The combination of triangular and angular houses ruled by one planet is the union of Vishnu and Lakshmi, God and Goddess, indicating great karmic reward.

The triangular houses (first, fifth, and ninth) as houses of dharma and spirituality symbolize Vishnu. The angular houses, associated with a person's home environment (fourth), marital relationships (seventh), and social status (tenth), symbolize Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune. In astrology, the term "yoga" denotes a special combination of planetary energies formed by the configuration of planets or the specific position of one planet.

Literal translation of Raja Yoga is capable of making a person a king, endowing him with high political or social power, as "raja" means "king". This concept includes all positions associated with significant authority and wide recognition in society, such as judge, mayor, or high-level administrator.

Raja Yoga is present in the horoscopes of most political leaders. In addition, such astrological configuration predicts success in the broadest sense of the word, including in the acquisition of knowledge and on the path of spiritual perfection. The overall orientation of the chart helps to clarify its indications. However, Raja Yogas are found in many horoscopes. Therefore, to fully manifest its power, it must be supported by several other factors.

For most ascendants, Raja Yoga is formed by one planet, which is the temporary benefactor of double strength.

For ascendants in Gemini and Libra, this planet is Saturn, for ascendants in Capricorn and Aquarius, it is Venus, and for ascendants in Cancer and Leo, it is Mars.

For ascendants in Aries and Scorpio, Raja Yoga is formed by the combination of the Sun and the Moon.

Raja Yoga can also be formed by other combinations of rulers of triangular and angular houses (primarily the ninth and tenth). The strength of this yoga depends on the number of supporting factors in the horoscope.

David Frawley