Raja-sambandha yoga

Raja means king, sambandha means connection with (someone); therefore, the concept implies relationships with royal or powerful families/people; such yogas provide high status and luxury in addition to various comforts.

Svaace va paicame cukre jevenduyutaveknite |
Lagne lagnapade va'pi rajavargo bhavennarau
|| 11 ||
Translation: If Venus is in its own sign or in the fifth from it, associated with Jupiter or the Moon, then the native is connected with power and people of high status. This yoga should also be present from the Lagna or Arudha-Lagna (in the Rasi chart).

k-6: Princess Diana

In Princess Diana's chart, the Moon - atmakaraka, is placed in the Navamsa sign of Virgo. Let's analyze the Navamsa: Venus is in the fifth house from the Moon and also in the fifth house from Karakamsha, just like the Navamsa Lagna. Thus, the requirements related to Swamsha are fulfilled. Swamsha can mean both Navamsa Lagna and Karakamsha. When they coincide, it confirms the presence of Raja-sambandha yoga.
In the Rasi chart, Venus does not occupy either the Lagna or the fifth house. However, the Karaka Lagna is Capricorn, as it is occupied by the Atmakaraka Moon. The fifth from it is Taurus with Venus, which is aspected by both Jupiter (graha drishti) and the Moon (rasi drishti). Thus, we find the Raja-sambandha yoga once again.
Venus, the ruler of the ninth house, occupies the fifth house from the Atmakaraka, indicating another Raja-sambandha yoga (BPHS 41.8). Venus is a chara and naissargika dara-karaka, forming a yoga that works through marriage. Venus is also the yogakaraka for the Lagna in Virgo.

To choose the timing of the manifestation of the results of Raja-yoga, it is necessary to select the appropriate Dasha chart. This has been extensively demonstrated in previous lessons. The Chaturasheti-sama Dasha is applicable to this chart, as the ruler of the tenth, Mercury, is placed in the tenth house.

Chaturasheti-sama Dasha (applicable if the ruler of the 10th occupies the 10th):
Moon: 1956-11-11 (3:26:34) - 1968-11-11 (5:25:17)
Mars: 1968-11-11 (5:25:17) - 1980-11-11 (7:07:31)
Mercury: 1980-11-11 (7:07:31) - 1992-11-11 (9:02:47)
Jupiter: 1992-11-11 (9:02:47) - 2004-11-11 (10:50:36)
Venus: 2004-11-11 (10:50:36) - 2016-11-11 (12:43:54)
Saturn: 2016-11-11 (12:43:54) - 2028-11-11 (14:32:07)
Sun: 2028-11-11 (14:32:07) - 2040-11-11 (16:20:42)
With the beginning of the beneficial Mercury Dasha, the Raja-sambandha yoga started yielding results, and it fully manifested with the beginning of the relationship with Prince Charles, a member of the British Royal Family. Their marriage was televised, and she gained widespread fame through the marriage, in addition to acquiring luxury and corresponding position and authority.

Jupiter, the ruler of the seventh house (marriage), is debilitated and retrograde in the fifth house (romantic intrigues) and conjoined with the ruler of the sixth house (hostility/extramarital relationships), Saturn. The person achieves status through the influence of the planet during its Dasha, and with the beginning of Jupiter Dasha, she entered into marriage.
She separated from Prince Charles and was publicly accused of having sexual relationships with servants. Note that the planet indicating the problem - servants - is ruled by Saturn, who is also the ruler of the sixth house. The Jupiter Dasha Saturn Antardasha between April 1996 and January 1998 was the worst period when the private life of the royal couple became the subject of discussion in the British press. This was the period when the Raja-sambandha yoga ended.

Thus, it is not only important to choose the timing of the functioning of Raja-yoga, but also to determine periods of difficulties (defeats or destruction) and the possible end of the effect of such Raja-yoga (using the corresponding Dasha).

k-7: Jawaharlal Nehru

Raja-sambandha yoga can take various shades and forms. One such yoga is found in the Navamsa of Jawaharlal Nehru.
The Atmakaraka Moon in the Navamsa sign of Sagittarius is conjoined with Venus and aspected by Jupiter. The conditions for the presence of the yoga are fulfilled. Since this happens in the Navamsa, it is likely to have consequences for Nehru's personal life. In the eleventh house from the Navamsa Lagna, it indicates a friend. There is another yoga involving Venus and Mars in the second house from the Navamsa Lagna, indicating relationships. It is well known that Nehru was very close to Lady Mountbatten during the period when Lord Mountbatten was the Viceroy of colonial India. Thus, the Raja-sambandha yoga gave a close friendship with Lady Mountbatten, and it is also likely that the second house, which leads to physical relationships, was activated as it is influenced by Mars and Venus.

The thing is, Raja-yoga cannot be considered independently of other related constellations; if the planets forming it are also involved in another yoga, they will simultaneously give the results of both. The timing of the functioning of the yoga (in this example) is simply the use of Vimshottari Dasha, when the yoga functioned without hindrance during the Moon Dasha Venus Antardasha (1945-47). Lady Mountbatten returned to England in 1947.

Raja-sambandha yoga indicates good relationships, not sensual pleasure. It shows maturity and elevation through relationships (family) or friendship. If it is not present in the Navamsa as well, one should not predict physical relationships in any form.