Mridanga Yoga

Mridanga Yoga is formed when planets are placed in their own signs or exalted signs in the kendras or trikonas of the birth chart, with the ruler of the ascendant being strong.

According to ancient astrological treatises, a person born with Mridanga Yoga will live like a king.

This yoga carries a special hidden meaning. In Sanskrit, "mridanga" means a musical instrument - a drum or tambourine, which is primarily used for dance. It is known that Shiva entered a state of dance called Tandava to the deep and energetic rhythms of the Mridanga.

Therefore, the name of this yoga suggests that a horoscope with this combination indicates special constructive impulses that reveal the best karmic actions of a person.

The source of the Mridanga music in the birth chart is the Lagna/Lagnesh, as well as the Kendra and Trikona houses/their rulers. These two strong pillars of the horoscope create harmonious cosmic vibrations, indicating worthy actions in past lives, which lead to the most favorable conditions and fewer obstacles in the present life of the individual born with this yoga.

This article is based on the materials from the book "Yoga Puspanjali" by Sunita Jha.