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Бхагья-йога образуется, когда сильная благотворная планета (природный бенефик) расположена в 1-м, 3-м или 5-м доме и при этом аспектирует 9-й дом. Бхагья-йога говорит о том, что натив исключительно удачлив, богат и любит удовольствия.

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241.    Bhagya Yoga

Definition.—A strong benefic should be in Lagna, the 3rd or 5th, simultaneously aspecting the 9th.

Results.—The subject will be extremely fortunate, pleasure-loving and rich.

Remarks.—Two conditions are specified for the occurrence of this yoga, viz., a strong benefic must occupy Lagna, the 3rd or 5th. It must at the same time aspect the 9th. Obviously, Jupiter alone can cause yoga when in Lagna, or in the 5th house for no other benefic can be in Lagna and aspect the 9th. Any benefic planet can cause the ybga from the 3rd house Here also due consideration must be given to the nature of the ownership of the benefic concerned before actually evaluating the yoga. Cancer Lagna with Jupiter there constitutes a powerful Bhagya Yoga as Jupiter, as lord of the 9th, aspects the 9th and occupies Lagna in exaltation. The same yoga forming from Mithuna becomes almost ineffective because of Kendradhipatya dosha for Jupiter. Con­sideration of the temporal nature of a benefic is not suggested in the original but it is clearly implied that the potency of the yoga should be based upon the sum-total of the strength of the benefic concerned, for the yoga rests on the presence of a strong benefic in Lagna, the 3rd or 5th.

B.V. Raman — «Three Hundred Important Combinations»

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Бхагья-йога возникает при соединении управителя 9-го дома с Юпитером в 11-й бхаве и дарует богатство, доход и удачу.

Шри Говинд Сваруп Агарвал — «Ведическая Астрология